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Video interpreting

Please install the Flash Plugin Video interpreters offer a remote sign language interpreting service via a videophone. It is usually available at short notice for assignments lasting up to 30 minutes. It is a low cost service that is often quick to book.

All you need is access to a videophone or video conferencing equipment and an ISDN2 line (128k bps) or access to broadband internet (256 kbs) using, for example, DSL (Digital Subscriber Line).

When to use video interpreting

Face-to-face interpreters will always be the preferred means of communication between deaf and hearing people. However, video interpreting services were started because of the severe shortage of qualified interpreters. Videophone technology means that interpreters don't have to spend time travelling and so it makes more efficient use of limited interpreting resources.

However, video interpreting is only suitable for short, one-to-one assignments, usually between 10 and 30 minutes long.


As with face-to-face interpreting, your confidentiality should be assured. But a videophone is not suitable for assignments of a sensitive nature. Contact your communication services office for advice and more information.

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