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Lipreading is a vital communication skill for people who are deaf or hard of hearing that can help tackle isolation. It is widely recognised that lipreading can help people of all ages, with any degree of hearing loss to communicate better.

Lipreading classes are designed to give pupils the confidence and skills to positively tackle the isolation experienced by people with hearing loss.

What is a lipreading class like?

Lipreading classes are informal, friendly and taught by a qualified teacher. It’s not like going back to school; you can go at your own pace and the teacher will encourage you to relax. Your teacher will demonstrate the different shapes that sounds make on the lips so that you can identify them. They will also explain how to fill in the gaps of speech that you can’t hear, and how to use clues from the context of the conversation.

Attending a lipreading course is also an ideal way to meet people in a similar position to you. You can share experiences with people who have different degrees of hearing loss. You will also pick up lots of tips and practical information to help you cope with your hearing loss.

Read our fact sheet 'Learning to lipread'(PDF 381kb, opens in new window) for more information. Our publication ‘Watch this face’ contains photographs of lipshapes that illustrate sounds, exercises to practise and common pitfalls.

Find a lipreading class near you

Although we don’t offer lipreading classes ourselves, our Information Line can help you to locate a class near you. For a full list of classes, please visit the Association of Teachers of Lipreading to Adults (ATLA’s)(external link, opens new window) website.

Read my lips!

We’re also campaigning to ensure the government provides lipreading support for everyone with hearing loss that could benefit. Find out more about our ‘Read My Lips’ campaign.

Get in touch

question mark and exclamation mark iconDo you have any questions about lipreading? Contact our Information Line for further information:

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