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You can use our popular animated fingerspelling tool to practice spelling words and phrases with your hands. This method, also known as the manual alphabet, is often used to spell out the names of people or places when using sign language.

How to use our fingerspelling tool

Click the link below and wait for all the images to load – you will see a message saying 'OK, ready to use'.

You can see an animation of how to fingerspell each individual letter by clicking on it. Or you can type in a word or phrase and click the 'go' button.

Pay special attention to the movement and hand shapes shown in the animation – this is the most important part of fingerspelling.

Practise your fingerspelling(external link, opens new browser window).

Can't see the tool?

To view the animation you need to use a website browser that supports JavaScript and have JavaScript switched on.

Want to learn more?

Have a look at our other fingerspelling resources – we have a standard manual alphabet card and bookmark and a poster, Want to learn to fingerspell?

You can also have a look at our Start to Sign! package – a vital resource to back up classroom learning of BSL and an ideal introduction to the language.

The full colour book explains the basics of sign language with helpful examples of how to use the signs. You will also have access to more than 1,000 video clips and you can test your knowledge with online quizzes.

 Download the Finger Spelling card below:

 Finger spelling

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