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Tinnitus Awareness Week               6-12 February 2017

You’ll have heard tinnitus described as a ‘ringing in the ears’. That throwaway line doesn’t reflect how serious tinnitus can be for many of the six million people in the UK who experience it.

We define it as a ringing or buzzing sound in the ear or head that has no external source. But it can also be whistling, humming or whooshing.

>> Listen to what tinnitus may sound like

There can be one sound or several, and the sounds often change. It’s intrusive and frustrating, and for many, it plays havoc with your quality of life, mental health, and relationships.

We have launched a new tinnitus myth-busting guide to shed some of the common preconceptions people may have regarding tinnitus.

Download the myth-busting guide

We can help you manage it

Whatever some people may say, there is no cure for tinnitus – yet. But we can help you manage it. We offer:

Join the conversation

Tweet your questions to our tinnitus experts using the hashtag #LetsTalkTinnitus Wednesday 8 and Thursday 9 February 12pm - 1pm.

Our audiologist, technology experts and biomedical researcher will be on hand to answer your questions about tinnitus.


Tinnitus products

Thousands of people with tinnitus swear by sound therapy products .Our travel relaxer offers relief and relaxation, while our exclusive, purpose-made CDs of sounds from whirring fans to the sounds of the sea provide sound therapy. More products.

Research on tinnitus

We fund cutting-edge research here and overseas that focuses on improving our understanding of the biological basis of tinnitus. We need to do this to develop effective treatments and cures. It includes: 

  • imaging studies to identify where, in the brain, tinnitus happens
  • studies on overactive signalling in the brain. How is this linked to tinnitus?
  • looking at adapting cochlear implants to help alleviate tinnitus.

Go to our tinnitus research page and look out also for our blog posts dedicated to tinnitus.

TAW2017 Dr Helmy Mulders 

How your donation helps the search for a cure

£5 could buy 25 tissue culture tubes - essential for our pioneering research projects

£32.50 could help to fund one of our PhD students to carry out dedicated tinnitus research for half a day

£65 could fund a full day's research

£100 could fund one of our major international research projects for a whole day.

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