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Technology Initiative for Hearing Loss

Two women using assistive technology

About our Technology Initiative for Hearing Loss

Technology plays a vital role in helping people lead the life they choose from accessing services, communicating in the workplace to socialising with friends and family.

The aim of our Technology Initiative for Hearing Loss (PDF 110KB, opens in new window) is to support the innovation, development and take up of technology to help people confronting deafness, tinnitus and hearing loss.

People with deafness and hearing loss face many barriers that can have a huge impact on their daily life both within and outside their home. This includes poor levels of information provided in the visual domain, a lack of accessibility features in mainstream products, increasingly noisy environments that make it hard to hear and low deaf awareness.

People with tinnitus are being faced with decreasing numbers of tinnitus specialists, longer waiting times to see a tinnitus specialist and a low awareness and understanding of tinnitus management. Delays in time to treat and manage tinnitus can lead to worsening symptoms for those with tinnitus and have an impact on a person’s general health and wellbeing. There is therefore a need for greater awareness of assistive devices for tinnitus management.


Infographic cogs: User needs, Support development, Catalyse innovation, increase uptake


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Understanding user needs

We can help you identify the gaps in the market as well as help you improve your product
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Catalysing innovation

We are setting ‘Technology Challenges’, to catalyse innovation
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Supporting Development

We can support and help you to bring your product to market
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Increasing uptake

Let us know if you have innovative technology.
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