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Look after your hearing

It's never too early to start looking after your hearing. Start by checking your hearing today with our easy online hearing check. It only takes a few minutes, and it will help you find out what action you can take for your hearing.

We have information to help you find out if your hearing is at risk, and what to do to protect your hearing for the future. You may also be worried about losing your hearing, or waiting for a hearing test. We have information on what to expect from your GP and audiologist, and what will happen at a private hearing aid dispenser.

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Research into loud music and hearing loss

Don’t Lose the Music research – full report

Published: April 2007

Summary: This research was commissioned to enhance current organisational knowledge and understanding of the issues surrounding young people’s awareness, attitudes and behaviours towards loud music and their hearing.

This research engaged directly with young people, through both quantitative and qualitative research methodologies to ensure young people’s voices are at the forefront of all analysis and future planning.

Download Don’t Lose the Music research – full report(pdf 749kb, opens in new window).

Like it Loud? Young people, loud music and hearing damage

Published: June 2007

Summary: Hearing damage is cumulative and can lead to premature hearing loss, tinnitus and other problems such as hyperacusis. Once hearing damage occurs there is no cure, yet the damage is preventable.

In other areas of public health – diet, sex, smoking, alcohol, drugs, sunbathing – the public has been provided with information that allows them to make an informed choice. This is not the case with the dangers to hearing from over- exposure to loud music.

We believe today’s generation has a right to know they are putting their hearing at risk and what they can do to protect themselves.

Download the full Like it Loud? Young people, loud music and hearing damage report(pdf 4.22mb, opens in new window).

You can download a free PDF viewer(external link, opens in new window) from the Adobe website.

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