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Are you at risk?

Havering hard of hearing club.The thought of losing your hearing or getting tinnitus can be worrying – but there's a lot you can do about it, and we have the information, advice and support to help you cope.

The first step is to check your hearing – so don't delay, take our Hearing Check today. It's quick, easy, free and confidential, and there are many different ways you can access it.

What are the causes?

There are many reasons why people who were born with hearing can lose it in later life.

The most common is age – losing your hearing is a normal part of the ageing process. In fact more than 70% of people over 70 have some degree of hearing loss. Because it's usually gradual, you might put up with it for years before accepting that you need help.

Another cause is noise exposure, whether at work or at leisure. This can be from a short burst of sound (like a firework), or from longer exposure, for example, working in a noisy factory, or standing next to the speakers in a nightclub.

Illness, injury and medication are other reasons why you might lose your hearing – find out more in About deafness and hearing loss.

Tinnitus also has various different causes – you can read all about tinnitus and how to deal with it in our dedicated tinnitus section.

Protect yourself

Have you ever come out of a gig and realised your ears are ringing? Or found everything sounds a bit dull after you've been listening to your favourite music on your MP3 player? You might be at risk of damaging your hearing. Find out more about how to protect your hearing here or you can contact our Information Line for advice.

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