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Locate and rate hearing services

We want you to find the hearing service that’s right for you. Locate and Rate enables you to search for hearing services in your area, both NHS and private, by name, address or postcode. Once you’ve found a service, you can see how other people have rated it.

You can also review and rate services yourself – just as you might review a hotel you’ve stayed at or a book you’ve read. Your opinions matter. By telling others about your experiences, you’ll be empowering them to make the right choices for themselves.

To review and rate a service, please log in. If you’re a new user, you’ll need to register first, which should be quick and easy. If you do have difficulty using the system, you can email or call our friendly Information Line on 0808 808 0123 or use one of the other ways to contact us. We should be able to help you work it out, or even take a review over the phone/in writing, and put it online for you.

Are you a hearing service provider? Not listed?

We strive to include all registered hearing service providers on this site – so if we’ve missed you off by mistake, please send us your details by email.

Because ratings are based on patients’ experiences, we cannot guarantee that the information they share is factual or accurate. Read our disclaimer.

NHS Service Providers

NHS services

Search for and rate hearing services that are funded by the NHS. Traditionally, these were audiology departments based in hospitals or local health settings. In certain areas of England, some private and voluntary-sector services now provide NHS services too under Any Qualified Provider (an arrangement likely to become increasingly common). We’ve indicated where a private or voluntary provider is offering an NHS service. If you would like to find (or have already received) audiology care for free, search for a provider using this button.
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Private Service provider

Private dispensers

Search for and rate private hearing services. Although you have to pay for most private services, some private providers also offer free NHS services. To find out if a private provider also offers an NHS service, search in the NHS-funded services section.
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Provider Guidelines


Be sure to prepare for your visit – knowing what to expect will ensure you get a good service, whether NHS or private. Our guidelines will help you.
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Locate and Rate questions.

Locate and Rate FAQ

Do you have questions about how to use our Locate and Rate tool? Find out how to use our Locate and Rate tool.
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Looking for hearing services?

Help promote Locate and Rate

Do you work for a hearing service provider? By promoting Locate and Rate you can help people find and rate your service.
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