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Supporting biomedical research

Help us find a cure for hearing loss and tinnitus

How we could spend donated funds 

There are 10 million people in the UK who have some level of hearing loss and right now, there are no cures. We want to change that. Please help us by donating online today.

If we can expand our biomedical research it’s possible that we could see cures for hearing loss in as little as 20 years. 

However, these potential cures will only be possible if we are able to raise more funds - every year we receive research proposals with incredible potential that we simply can’t afford to fund. You could help us change this.

We want to fund more research by scientists like Dr Marcelo Rivolta. His research could lead to future cures to restore natural hearing.

Dr Rivolta explains his groundbreaking work

“In the cochlea we have two cell types which are fundamental for hearing: hair cells and auditory neurons. If they get damaged, the person will become deaf and the deafness is irreversible. We have already discovered how to turn stem cells into hair cells. The next step will be to see whether these cells will work in the damaged ear and if we can use them to regenerate function.”

Thanks to our exciting biomedical research programme, finding a cure for hearing loss is no longer a dream. In fact, it could be a very real possibility – but only if we are able to increase our funding to build on the breakthroughs made by scientists like Dr Rivolta.

Please act now. A donation from you today will help support our valuable and wide-ranging work; from pioneering biomedical research to providing support through our residential care programme, we work to make life better for people with hearnig loss. Your gift, however large or small, will help us to make a difference.

How your gift could help to make more of our vital research work possible

Jill who has donate to Action on Hearing Loss.

Jill's story

“I am hopeful that the pioneering biomedical research which Action on Hearing Loss funds, will lead to a cure which could protect my family for generations to come.”
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Marc wearing headphones.

Marc's story

"If it wasn't for Action on Hearing Loss I fear I would still be in a place of hopelessness with my condition.”
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