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Projects and research

Projects and research - a researcher using a microscope.

Our biomedical research programme has contributed to many important discoveries over the past decade and we contintue to support high-quality research all over the world. This ensures that we will continue to make strides towards our goal of treatments and cures for hearing loss and tinnitus.

All of our projects and research are in line with our biomedical research strategy:

  • improving diagnosis of hearing loss
  • restoring hearing 
  • preventing hearing loss
  • improving medical devices 
  • silencing tinnitus.

Find out about our current and recent research projects and what our researchers and PhD students are doing to achieve our goals. Read about our research highlights in our research booklets.

Researchers and PhD Students - a PhD student working in a laboratory.

Researchers and PhD students

We fund dedicated researchers and PhD students who are working towards new discoveries and treatments.
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Silencing tinnitus - a researcher working in a laboratory.

Tinnitus Research

There are currently no medicines approved to treat tinnitus. We want to change this.
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Biomedical research projects.


We’re funding projects in the UK and abroad to help restore hearing, prevent hearing loss, silence tinnitus and improve medical devices.
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Dr Sohaila Rastan speaking at the Action on Hearing Loss Centenary Conference in 2011.

Reports and progress in biomedical research

Do you want to find out our key achievements in biomedical research? We compile annual reports on our progress and achievements.
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Microscopic image of organ of corti in a guinea pig ear

Our position on the use of animals in research

We're a member of the Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC) and we support the AMRC principles of using animals in research.
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Our Future - support our hearing research