Our approach

Since 1999, we have funded world-class research and training into hearing loss and tinnitus, making scientific discoveries and increasing the number of researchers working in the field. We also provide the support needed to translate promising discoveries into viable treatments and work hard to encourage investment in the development and clinical testing of new treatments so that new treatments reach patients.

In 2013, we merged with Deafness Research UK to create the world's largest charitable funding programme dedicated to advancing treatments for hearing loss and tinnitus. 

How we've invested your money

(How we have invested your money since 1999)

Our approach - from discoveries to treatments 

1. Building research capacity

2. Making scientific discoveries

  • To generate discoveries that could lead to new treatments, we fund innovative projects around the world through our International Project Grant scheme.
  • To strengthen hearing research, we fund small-scale activities such as pilot experiments, workshops and activities to share knowledge through our Flexi Grant scheme.

3. Turning discoveries into treatments

4. Making new treatments accessible to all

  • Our links with policy makers and healthcare providers place us in a great position to ensure new treatments are made available to people who need them.

Find out more about how we work towards our aims of protecting and restoring hearing and silencing tinnitus in our Biomedical Research Strategy 2015 to 2018 (external link, opens in new window).

You can download a free PDF viewer (external link, opens in new window) from the Adobe website.

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