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      David Nicholson

      What made you want to volunteer with Action on Hearing Loss?

      I wanted to improve my sign language as I failed level two. I do not have a hearing loss but a few of my friends do and one was born deaf. I began volunteering at the Head Office in London, and my duties covered helping on the Reception Desk for two afternoons a week.

      What did you gain from your volunteering role?

      It was very rewarding learning more every day about what Action on Hearing Loss is all about. My confidence also improved very much, because when you are on your own you have to have the confidence to talk to individuals on a one-to-one basis.

      How did you become an employed staff member?

      The person who worked in the afternoons moved onto a different job. I really liked it here and enjoyed the role so I decided to apply. The skills I picked up through my volunteering definitely helped me with getting the new job. I came from a retail background and had to learn all about the role of the receptionist - there is a lot to learn and remember!

      What does your current role involve and what do you get out of it?

      It is a real pleasure working for Action on Hearing Loss. My role is varied; from answering phones, filing, receiving mail, to booking in parcels and scheduling room bookings. I also speak to people who ask about products and brochures, plus general enquires over the phone and face-to-face.

      What would you say to anyone thinking about volunteering and what it can mean for their career prospects?

      I would say offer to volunteer in a role you think you would like and don’t be put off if you have never done that type of job before, because you are trained and guided really well at Action on Hearing Loss. I also applied for another role in the Property team and now do facilities in the mornings and reception in the afternoons. My role is varied and exciting, so I would say join Action on Hearing Loss as a volunteer to see what you can offer them and get the results you want to further your own career.