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      Volunteer satisfaction survey 2018: results are in!

      Volunteers make up over half of the team at Action on Hearing Loss, and are integral to what we’re seeking to achieve as a charity. This is why each autumn we invite our volunteers across the UK to tell us about their volunteering experiences, their relationship with the charity, and what we’re doing well or could do better.

      Our key results

      • 92% of respondents would recommend Action on Hearing Loss as a good place to volunteer
      • 95% believe that the organisation provides a good service to the people we aim to help
      • 92% find Action on Hearing Loss a friendly and enjoyable place to volunteer; an increase from 84% in 2017, and 71% in 2016
      • 91% feel valued for what they can offer Action on Hearing Loss
      • 91% feel that their awareness of the work that Action on Hearing Loss is doing has increased (up from 86% in 2017).

      What’s remarkable is that over a third (36%) of respondents volunteer for us in more than one capacity, wearing multiple ‘hats’ to support the charity. We want to encourage more of this, as we believe an understanding of other areas (such as biomedical research or campaign initiatives) could be beneficial to volunteers when responding to queries and concerns from people using our services.

      While these results are especially encouraging and reassuring given the current climate, the Volunteer Satisfaction Survey* also helps us improve the way we do things in order to maintain our high standards and offer the best possible volunteering experience. 

      We’re doing things better

      While there is always room for improvements, it’s especially encouraging to see progress in areas that were identified as requiring our focus in 2017. We particularly welcomed positive responses about volunteers: 

      • having a clear understanding of their role (up from 89% to 90%) 
      • feeling able to provide information and practical support (78% to 79%). 

      Also highlighted in 2017 was a need for clearer guidelines on claiming out-of-pocket expenses, and more localised news and updates about services and opportunities. This year’s survey identified positive responses in both areas: 

      • 94% of volunteers feel it is made clear that expenses incurred as a volunteer can be reimbursed (compared to 92% in 2017)
      • 85% felt that the volunteer newsletters are a good way to keep informed about volunteering and the charity. 
      “The Volunteer Satisfaction Survey 2018 reflects that, largely, our volunteers feel valued, supported, and motivated by the work that we do at Action on Hearing Loss. Clearly, there are areas where we need to make improvements, and we will work with Heads of Services and Volunteer Managers to ensure appropriate action plans are in place to address these areas. Nevertheless, we are heartened that our volunteers continue to feel appreciated and positive about their experiences and we congratulate them for their hard work, time and dedication to the work that we do.” 
      Jane Bailey, Head of Volunteering Development

      We are grateful to all of our volunteers who took the time to respond to the survey and share their experiences and views with us. Volunteer satisfaction is a top priority within the organisation, and we’ll be working closely with managers and teams across the UK on the key areas of focus to ensure that we deliver on this.

      For more information 

      There are many ways you can volunteer with us, and the time you give really does make a difference. If you'd like to give volunteering a try, then take a look at our volunteering opportunities

      *This year, 207 volunteers participated in the survey, a completion rate of 20%, which aligns with the average response rate for a survey of this size across the sector. All responses are anonymised to allow volunteers to be open and honest in their feedback.