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      Thank you for your interest in Action on Hearing Loss. Volunteers are a key part of our teams and your contribution is valued.
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      Volunteer Agreement

      I understand and agree that, while volunteering with Action on Hearing Loss I will:

      • Carry out the agreed tasks as per the relevant role description
      • Abstain from consuming alcohol during the event
      • Be an ambassador for the charity by observing the Values & Behaviours
      • Raise any concerns with the Action on Hearing Loss fundraising team
      • Comply with Action on Hearing Loss Health & Safety and Safeguarding policies
      • Comply with venue providers policies

      Privacy Information

      By filling in this form you are consenting to Action on Hearing Loss using the personal information you provide to review and process your application to volunteer with us, including contacting you using the methods you have chosen. Your information will be stored confidentially and it will not be shared with anyone else. If your application is successful you’ll get further information about how your information will be stored. If unsuccessful we will keep your personal information for 6 months when it will be deleted securely.

      You have the right to withdraw your consent to our holding your information at any time by contacting the Volunteering Development Team by email:

      Or by telephone: 01273 840960 / 018001 01273 840960

      For further information about how we will protect your personal information and your rights, please see our privacy policy