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      World Cup Sweepstake

      Join in the excitement of the World Cup by taking part in the Action on Hearing Loss World Cup Sweepstake.

      It's a great way to join in the competitive spirit of the games, while having fun and raising money for Action on Hearing Loss.

      Simply print out the World Cup Sweepstake page before the first kick of the games on Thursday 14 June 2018. Then cut up the 32 countries into individual pieces of paper, fold them and put them into a hat (or a suitable container).

      Charge as much as you like per entry (or as much as people are willing to pay – we recommend somewhere in the region of £1-£5 per entry). How much you charge per entry will determine how much you have available in your prize fund and how much you’ll donate to Action on Hearing Loss. Alternatively, the prize for the winner could be a bottle of wine, a hamper or similar prize you can source, so all the money you raise goes to Action on Hearing Loss.

      Get people in the office, your neighbours or punters down the pub to pay their entry fee and draw a name from the hat at random. Write down who draws which country on the corresponding nation list.

      Make sure you sell all of the teams. If any are left, gently persuade those who have drawn outsiders to invest in a second or third go.

      Once the World Cup is over, the money raised can be paid to Action on Hearing Loss.

      Download our Sweepstake toolkit