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      Fundraise at university

      Fundraising at university or college is a great way to raise awareness of Action on Hearing Loss and to reach out to new supporters.

      Here are our top five top tips to raise funds at college or uni.

      1. Get the whole of your organisation behind you by nominating Action on Hearing Loss as charity of the year with your university's RAG committee.
      2. Everybody loves an excuse to eat cake, so why not hold a bake sale outside the Students' Union.
      3. Ever wanted to try your hand at organising events? You could arrange your own concert to raise money for Action on Hearing Loss. But don't forget to hand out ear plugs so you can enjoy the music safely.
      4. Help raise awareness by inviting Action on Hearing Loss to run Deaf Awareness Training with departments in your organisation in return for a donation.
      5. You could even start your own hearing loss society. You could run fundraising activities throughout the year, raise awareness about listening to music safely, help promote our campaigns, maybe even start a sign language club and get the chance to connect with other students.

      More information

      These are just some of our favourite ideas. Whatever you decide to do to support Action on Hearing Loss, our friendly Community Fundraising team is on hand to support you every step of the way - whether it's for advice, materials or information. Please email us at