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      Hear us out

      Hearing loss is a growing problem - Hear Us Out is a fun and interactive teaching programme that educates school age children about the condition and the impact it has on those who are affected.

      If you work or volunteer with children, download our Hear us out booklet ( to check) to find out about the fun, interactive sessions that we can deliver in your school, scouts or guides group.

      How 'Hear Us Out' can teach children about hearing loss!

      Hear Us Out interactive sessions are carefully matched to each key stage and year group. They educate children about deafness and hearing loss and are designed to encourage inclusivity. The programme is for four to 16 year-olds and supports the National Curriculum.

      Hear Us Out educates children so that they are able to;

      • Gain an understanding of hearing loss and the impact it can have on people
      • Learn how to finger spell
      • Understand how ears can be damaged
      • Know about the services that can help people with hearing loss.
      “an excellent way to broaden the horizons of the children"
      Campbell College Junior School.

      How I can use 'Hear Us Out' in lessons

      We would be delighted to design a bespoke lesson plan for your needs. Please contact our Community Fundraising team to find out more on 020 7296 8312 (telephone), 020 7296 8246 (textphone) or email