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      Fundraise at school

      Thank you if you're planning to fundraise at school.

      You can get your school friends and teachers involved and have fun while you raise funds to help people facing deafness, hearing loss and tinnitus.

      Top Tips for raising funds for Action on Hearing Loss at school

      1. Ask if your school has a charity of the year and, if so, nominate Action on Hearing Loss. It's a great way of raising awareness, and getting the whole school to support your fundraising.

      2. Let them eat cake! Bake some treats for your class mates and teachers and ask them for a donation.

      3. Get sponsored. Take on a challenge like a sponsored silence or finger-spelling, and ask family, friends and your class mates to sponsor you.

      4. Invite someone from Action on Hearing Loss to run a Hear Us Out workshop and ask your school to make a donation in return. Find out more at Hear us out

      5. Throw a school disco. There's no better way to fundraise for a cause you care about than with a disco together with your school friends. It's the perfect opportunity to raise awareness about hearing loss and raise vital funds while you dance.

      These are just some of our favourite ideas but whatever you decide to do to support Action on Hearing Loss, our friendly Community Fundraising team is on hand to support you every step of the way, whether it's for advice, materials or information about the charity. Please contact our Community fundraising team on 020 7296 8312 (telephone), 020 7296 8246 (textphone) or email