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      Donut challenges

      During Deaf Awareness Week (6-12 May) we’ll be encouraging people to talk about hearing loss and deafness with our campaign – which aims to challenge people’s understanding and perceptions. #DontBeADonut Be Deaf Aware. Look out for more info in May.

      Here are just a few ideas to get your fundraising event started. Don’t forget to share your photos with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. #DontBeADonut Be Deaf Aware

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      Donut bake off

      Show off your donut baking skills! You could hold a Decorate the Donut competition: beautify your donuts and judge who among you is the master of donuts. Then sell them to raise funds. Here’s a donut recipe to get you started.

      You vs donut

      Sponsor your friends and co-workers to a donut-eating challenge like no other: can they eat the donut on a string without dropping it? No hands please! The fastest person wins. You can get people to make a donation to see the challenge.

      Donut delight

      Forget the normal cake sale and have a donut sale instead! You can make them yourself or buy them. There are plenty of shops you can buy from, and some offer discounts for charity sales. It’s a great and easy way to fundraise at work, school or home.

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      donuts on a string
      Samantha Baines eating a donut
      Samantha Baines, Comedian and Ambassador