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      Change for change

      If you'd like to help us place Action on Hearing Loss collection tins in your workplace or local shops and services, we'd love to hear from you.

      Small change can make a really big difference to the lives of people confronting deafness, hearing loss and tinnitus. Every penny and pound in our collection tins will help us to support people with hearing loss to live the life they choose.

      How do I start a collection tin?

      Using one of our collection tins is an easy, flexible way to raise vital funds and improve the lives of people affected by hearing loss. It’s very easy to get started. Just follow our simple steps:


      • Get in touch to request your tin(s). Call 020 7296 8312 (telephone), 020 7296 8246 (textphone) or email
      • We'll send you a welcome pack along with your tin(s) to help you get started.    
      • Ask in local shops and services in your community if you could put your tin near the till, or on their counter.
      • Visit your tin every now and then to empty it and send the funds back to us.
      • Continue to raise funds for us by resealing and replacing your tin after it’s been emptied.
         It’s that simple.
      Request a collection tin today