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      Whether you’re a bit of a daredevil or just fancy the challenge of a lifetime, look no further (but not down), a skydive for Action on Hearing Loss could be the thing for you.

      It doesn't matter where you live or when you want to do your skydive. There are many locations across the country, and availability throughout the year. You can pick a location and time that suits you best.

      We ask our skydivers for a non-refundable £10 deposit and a pledge to raise a minimum of £450. But there's no need to worry, as we'll give you lots of ideas and tips to make fundraising as easy as possible.

      Why do a skydive for Action on Hearing Loss?

      Not only will you fulfill a dream, you'll be helping 11 million people with hearing loss in the UK. Hearing loss is a 24 hours, seven days a week condition that makes it hard for people to communicate. Your help means we can support people so they don't feel isolated and alone.

      To register your interest

      Please contact our Community Fundraising team with your preferred time and location and we'll find something that works for you.

      Telephone: 020 3227 6162


      When you register, we'll send you a fundraising pack and free T-shirt for your jump. 

      If you have already received our skydiving pack and have reviewed insurance and safety measures, you can book your place now.

      By signing up to an event with Action on Hearing Loss you agree to our terms and conditions. Please do read these before you register.

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