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      Will you help shape the future for people like Ellie?

      Please donate today to help fund vital research to shape a brighter future where hearing can be restored and tinnitus silenced.

      You can help people like Ellie. Ellie was born profoundly deaf, which meant she faced enormous challenges growing up. She missed out on having a social life as she had to do extra schoolwork in the evenings and weekends. And she felt like an outsider from groups at school, excluded and isolated. She said, “I couldn’t work out if they were laughing about me, talking about me or talking about something else. They often didn’t bother repeating things for me. Every time I tried to make new friends, I felt that people didn’t want to know me because there was ‘something wrong with me’.”

      Statistics show that children with hearing loss are twice as likely to suffer mental health problems, like depression, and are more likely than their hearing friends to be unemployed when they’re older. It’s a sad reality, but with your help, there can be a different future for children with hearing loss.

      Your donation today can shape a future where children with hearing loss can grow up without all the difficulties that Ellie faced.

      Ellie and her mum
      Donate now

      Donate now

      Help us make a difference today

      £10 could pay for one hour of testing to improve cochlear implants.

      £20 could provide transport to and from a Hear to Meet befriending session for someone with mobility difficulties.

      £30 could pay for two hours of microscope use to study how blood flow to the inner ear is important for hearing.

      £60 could pay for half a day’s research into treatments and cures to bring the joy of sound to thousands of people.

      For safety we only allow donations of up to £25,000 online. Please call us to complete your donation. We apologise for the inconvenience.

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