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      Stephen’s Story: Cochlear implants transformed my life

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      After losing his hearing suddenly at 55, Stephen had to retire early. He said “I had hearing aids fitted and carried on teaching for a couple of years, but I felt I was bluffing my job and I had to stop. It was absolutely devastating.”

      Stephen was very fortunate to have a cochlear implant fitted in 2016 and while it has truly transformed his life, there’s still so much we need to do to ensure more people can benefit from cochlear implants and other treatments.

      With your help more people could benefit from a cochlear implant

      Did you know that currently only 5% of people who are eligible for a cochlear implant choose to have one? You can make sure that number rises by investing in future research today.

      A donation from you could help fund talented scientists who are working hard to make cochlear implants work more effectively and make this life-changing technology accessible to even more people.

      Thank you for all of your wonderful support. It is only thanks to people like you that Stephen has access to life-changing technology. We really enjoyed writing this edition of In the Loop, I hope you enjoy reading it just as much! And don’t forget that you can also read the newsletter online and share it with your family and friends too.
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      Donate now

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      £10 could fund vital research into hearing treatments so people can live life to the full again.

      £20 could help provide local hearing services, empowering people to make the most of their hearing aids and helping them to stay active and connected to loved ones.

      £30 could go towards keeping our free Information Line running for the 24,000 people who call it each year.

      Your donation today could change lives by funding research into much-needed treatments and cures, and by providing emotional and practical support so that people can live their lives without stigma and with equal opportunities.

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