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      Questions and answers about leaving a gift in your will

      Are you thinking about leaving Action on Hearing Loss a gift in your will? Our Q&As below should be of help.

      Q: I've already left a gift in my will to the Royal National Institute for Deaf People (RNID). Now you've changed your name, do I need to change my will?

       A: No, we're keeping “the Royal National Institute for Deaf People” as a legal name and we are not changing our Registered Charity Numbers, so there’s no need to update your will.

      Please let us know that you've included us in your will by filling in our form. It means we can thank you properly and we won't send you future appeals for a gift in your will, which would save us money.

      Q: What should I do if I'm acting as an executor of a will?

      A: If you're an executor with questions on how to administer a will that includes a gift to Action on Hearing Loss, we would be happy to help.

      You can contact our legacy administration manager on 020 3227 6039 (telephone), email, or by writing to:

      Legacy Administration
      Action on Hearing Loss
      1-3 Highbury Station Rd
      N1 1SE.

      The independent Institute of Legacy Management's website also has useful guidance notes for lay (non-professional) executors of wills that include a gift to any registered UK charity.

      Q: What should I consider when I'm preparing my will?

      A: If you have any questions, please contact us on 020 3227 6023 (telephone), email or ask us a question via our enquiry form.

      Q: Will my legacy gift be confidential?

      A: Action on Hearing Loss will respect your privacy at all times.

      We won't pass on any details of your will or confidential information.

      It’s very helpful to us to understand why people make the once-in-a-lifetime decision to support our cause through their will. If you'd like to share your personal story or reasons as to why you have chosen to remember Action on Hearing Loss, we would love to hear from you!

      Please let us know on this form or contact us on 020 3227 6023 (telephone) or email legacies

      Personal stories like yours can be a great way to encourage others to think about supporting our future work by leaving a gift in their will. We would not make use of this information without first getting your written consent.

      Q: What types of gift could I leave in my will?

      A: There are three main types of gifts in wills (legacies).

      • Residuary legacy is when you leave a percentage of what is left in your final estate after all the other legacies have been given out and debts cleared. One of the advantages of a residuary legacy is that it’s inflation-proof so you’re less likely to need to update your will in the future.
      • Pecuniary legacy is a gift of a specified sum of money.
      • Specific legacy is a gift of a particular item such as jewellery, a painting or a car.

      To help your solicitor, we can offer suggested wording for different types of legacy gift to Action on Hearing Loss.

      Q: What about Inheritance Tax?

      A: The government sets a threshold (the ‘Nil Rate Band’) above which inheritance tax is payable. Your solicitor will be able to advise you on the current threshold and the implications for your will. If your estate is liable to attract inheritance tax, leaving a gift to a registered charity like Action on Hearing Loss could reduce the overall tax burden on family and friends. Ask your solicitor for more information.

      Q: How can I ensure my loved ones don't miss out?

      A: Of course, they come first. All we ask is that when you’ve taken care of them, you consider causes that you care about. If you’re worried about eventually not having enough left, you might like to consider leaving Action on Hearing Loss a percentage share of your final estate (a residuary legacy) rather than cash gift (a pecuniary legacy). That way, if the value of your estate goes down, your legacy gift will too, and other beneficiaries won’t miss out.

      Q: What if I want to change my will?

      Review your will regularly to ensure it still reflects your circumstances and wishes. We recommend that you consult a legal professional to update your will. If a new will affects your gift to Action on Hearing Loss, please do let us know.

      Q: Can I add Action on Hearing Loss to my existing will?

      A: If the only change is the addition of a straightforward gift to Action on Hearing Loss, you can use a separate legal document called a codicil. Download our codicil form.

      You may wish to speak with your solicitor should you require more complex changes.

      Q: How much of the money received by Action on Hearing Loss is spent on helping people?

      A: For every £1 donated to Action on Hearing Loss, 89p is used on our charitable spend with 11p being used for governance and fundraising.

      If you can’t find an answer to your question here, please contact us on 020 3227 6023 (telephone), email or ask us a question via our enquiry form.