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      Free will writing service

      We have teamed up with the National Free Wills Network to offer you a free will writing scheme. The scheme lets our supporters have a simple will written or amended for free, using a solicitor local to you.

      By using the service, there’s absolutely no obligation to make a gift to us in your will, but we’d be incredibly grateful if you chose to. Gifts in Wills play a vital role in what we are able to do as a charity and without these special gifts we couldn’t support people who are deaf or have hearing loss or tinnitus. Today, or in the future.

      How to use our free wills service

      1. Fill in our online form, or email, to receive a free wills information pack
      2. You will receive all the information you need from the National Free Wills Network within two weeks
      3. Complete your yellow confidential Declaration form and decide how you’d like to support Action on Hearing Loss (you are under no obligation to do so)
      4. Request an appointment with one of the participating solicitors in your area – don’t forget to take your yellow Declaration form with you!

      If you do choose to leave Action on Hearing Loss in your will, thank you so much for doing so!

      Terms & Conditions

      To draft a simple will, or a mirror will with very similar contents for each partner in a marriage or civil partnership, the solicitor’s service will be free to you. The same applies if you are amending an existing will. If the solicitor finds that what you require is more complicated than expected, they are entitled to ask you to pay the difference between their normal fee for a simple will and the fee for the additional work.

      National Free Wills Network

      Free will form

      This month we're offering our supporters the chance to have a simple will written or amended for free.

      Free will offer

      Why leave us a gift in your will?

      You can help people with hearing loss for many years from now, so they can enjoy life without limits or labels. 

      Why leave us a gift in your will