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      Leave a gift in your will

      By leaving a gift in your will, however large or small, you’ll be helping future generations overcome hearing loss and stay connected to those they love.

      A gift in your will can mean that a person struggling to cope with their hearing loss has somewhere to turn.  

      Hearing loss is a growing problem. By 2035, one in five of us will be affected directly. Many more of us will have loved ones whose lives have been changed by the condition.

      Big or small, your gift would help fund pioneering research that will lead to new treatments and ultimately a cure for hearing loss. You’ll also be helping future generations manage their hearing loss, and prevent those you love from becoming isolated by their condition.

      If you would like to talk to someone about leaving a Gift in your Will, please contact us on 020 3227 6023 (telephone) or email

      If you are acting as an executor of a will and have any questions please contact our Legacy Administration Manager on 020 3227 6039 or at

      You can also visit our question and answer page.

      You can help people with hearing loss for many years from now, so they can enjoy life without limits or labels. Please consider a gift in your will to Action on Hearing Loss.

      Are you thinking about leaving Action on Hearing Loss a gift in your will?Our Q&As below should be of help.

      Find out how leaving us a Gift in your Will could help find a cure for hearing loss and change the lives of countless children and adults.

      Thank you so much for considering to leave a gift to Action on Hearing Loss in your Will.

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      Did you know?

      Through gifts in Wills, each year we are able to support 100,000 people who need us and invest £1.6m into biomedical research and treatments.