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      Fraud advice

      If somebody claiming to be from Action on Hearing Loss asks you for money or your personal details and you feel suspicious about them, you can contact our friendly Supporter Team to check.

      Sometimes supporters are targeted by people trying to fraudulently obtain money or personal details. This could be through social media, or over the phone.

      Please let us know if anyone suspicious contacts you by email, on social media or on your doorstep, claiming to be from Action on Hearing Loss (or RNID), and asking for your details.

      Recent fraud brought to our attention

      Empowerment bonus allowance

      February 2016 A man named Kevin McCarthy (using various other names as well) has been contacting people stating he is working with the government and Action on Hearing Loss to help people collect their ‘empowerment bonus allowance’. He uses the email address '' and ''.

      This is a scam. Please don't give any personal information or money to this man.

      Tell us your concerns

      If you have any concerns about fraud, please contact our Supporter Care team on 033 3320 6995 (telephone) or email

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