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      Working for change

      We’ve launched our new campaign, Working for Change, which aims to change attitudes to hearing loss in the workplace.

      For years now, people with hearing loss have told us that the poor attitude of employers is the biggest barrier they face in the workplace.

      Our campaign will help employers to feel more confident about recruiting people with hearing loss, as well as overcoming some common myths about hearing loss and employment.

      It will also help employers support their employees who already have, or will develop, hearing loss.

      Are you an employer looking for advice on supporting your staff with hearing loss? We have resources here to support you and also remember to follow our LinkedIn page: Hearing Loss at Work for news, tips and resources.

      Read our research findings, launched January 2018

       Read the sections below to find out more about Working for Change.

      Working for change report

      Our report makes recommendations to government, employers and people with hearing loss aimed at changing attitudes to hearing loss in the workplace.

      We're campaigning to improve how employers feel about recruiting people with hearing loss. We're also showing them how to support those in their organisation who already have the condition, or develop it.

      If you are deaf or have hearing loss, you're likely to face barriers at work that other people don't.

      If you're an employer, you may have concerns about employing someone with hearing loss. Our myth-busting guide can help you feel more confident, as well as explaining the practical support that is available to you.