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      BBC subtitles update

      We know that many of you have been watching programmes with subtitles that are delayed, which can be a frustrating experience.

      This is usually caused because the broadcaster is using live subtitles, where the subtitles are being generated in real-time as the programme airs. The BBC have been working on this issue and there are now certain High Definition (HD) channels on digital and satellite TV where this delay has been reduced.

      They haven't been able to reduce the delay for some channels, due to the current technology available. The reduced delay is also not available on channels watched via cable TV or i-player. But, they are working to change this. Here is a table of which HD channels, on Digital and satellite TVs, have subtitles with the delay removed.

      HD Channel Available on digital TV?  Available on satellite TV? 
      BBC One
      BBC Two  

      BBC Scotland

      BBC Four  
      BBC News  


      Let us know what you think of the reduced delay – do you notice a difference? You can contact us at