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      What we have been doing

      We’re working with the hospitality industry, and its customers, to call for a more welcoming environment in restaurants, cafes and pubs.

      Speak Easy was launched to a fantastic reception in July 2016, with the publication of our Speak Easy report and guide. Soon after its launch, the campaign was featured on BBC Breakfast news, and we were interviewed on the famous red sofa!

      The campaign has been featured on the front page and page three of The Times and received further print coverage in the Daily Mail, as well as in the online editions of the Guardian, the Independent, and several hospitality trade publications. Our Chief Executive Paul Breckell has also been interviewed on various national radio stations to discuss the issue of noise in restaurants, cafés and pubs.

      All of this coverage confirms that Speak Easy is tackling an issue that affects millions of people across the country, not just those with hearing loss.

      What's been happening behind the scenes?

      With Speak Easy in the spotlight, we’ve written to some of the UK’s largest restaurant chains, sharing with them our Speak Easy report and guide, and encouraging them to work with us to tackle excess background noise in their venues. We’ll continue to contact the key change-makers at these major restaurants, as we look to secure Speak Easy’s first campaign partners.

      How can I get involved?

      Now we’re inviting you to become an important part of the campaign by ordering your free Speak Easy campaign pack.

      Repeat customers are the lifeblood of restaurants, cafes and pubs. Millions of us, across the UK, want to dine out at quieter venues. Let’s all come together to show the industry that it can’t afford to ignore us!

      Whether you want to have a ‘quiet word’ with your local restaurant or tell the world about a noisy night out, our user-friendly materials will help you to feedback in a way you feel comfortable with.

      What’s inside my Speak Easy campaign pack?

      • Discreet, supportive materials to hand over to staff or leave with your bill
      • Ideas for sending effective feedback
      • A thumb prop for expressing your views on social media


      Get your free Speak Easy campaign pack by post or order extra materials (recommended)

      Talk to us!

      Whether you’ve experienced the ultimate in ambience at your local bistro, or spent the evening fuming and fed up down your local, we want to hear about it. We’ll use your feedback to build our evidence base and approach the industry.

      Submit your feedback on restaurants, cafes and pubs

      Speak Easy report

      A comprehensive report calling on restaurants, cafés and pubs to reduce background noise.

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