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      We’ve launched the Decibel Squad to make your dining experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

      Trying to have a conversation over all of the background noise is pretty much impossible. I find myself just nodding along as if I had heard them, which makes me feel excluded and like I am in my own little bubble. 
      Freya Moses

      Decibel SquadFreya Moses, 31, was recently diagnosed with hearing loss in her left ear and now has to wear a hearing aid. The designer, from Cornwall, admitted that since her diagnosis she is very anxious about being in noisy venues when out with friends.

      Freya, who turned to her artwork as a way to express herself after being fitted with her hearing aid, has created original designs for the Decibel Squad, which can be seen above and on the Facebook group.

      Join the Decibel Squad Facebook group today and tweet your experiences using the hashtag #DecibelSquad

      We also know that:

      • 90% of people won’t return to a venue where sound levels overpowered their conversation
      • An incredible 43% are turning to takeaways to avoid painful levels of noise in some restaurants. 


      The #DecibelSquad is an online community of people sharing information on how loud or quiet restaurants they’ve visited are, and an easy way to join a growing number of people voicing their frustration with increasingly loud restaurants.

      Share your experiences on social media using the hashtag - #DecibelSquad - and join our Facebook group to speak to others who share your gripes with increasing background noise levels in restaurants, cafes and bars.  

      The Facebook group is a place for people to share reviews they’ve left about restaurant noise levels from sites like Trip Advisor and encourage others to do the same. You can also post decibel readings you’ve taken using the free Decibel X app (downloadable on Apple and Android) for smartphones for other members of the Squad to see.

      1. Search Decibel X in your app store and click download/install
      2. Take a reading when you’re in a restaurant, café or pub and click the camera icon to take a snapshot of the reading
      3. Share the image on social media using the hashtag #DecibelSquad 


      The more we talk about the need for quieter dining, the harder it will be for the industry to ignore the problem.

      Join the Decibel Squad Facebook group today and tweet your experiences using the hashtag #DecibelSquad