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      Tips to make your service accessible to BSL users

      If you work in a healthcare setting you may be wondering how you can make your service more accessible for people who are deaf or have hearing loss.

      Do you work in a healthcare setting or do you commission services?

      Poor communication with patients who have hearing loss can have serious implications for both the patient's safety and the organisation itself. We're here to support you so that you provide an accessible service.

      Here are some tips for ensuring British Sign Language (BSL) users are provided with communication support.

      Download our policy statements and guidance

      See our guidance for more information on how to provide access to health services and communication support for people with hearing loss.

      Also see our GP support section for more information on supporting people with all levels of hearing loss.

      Tips for agencies providing sign language interpreters

      Agencies providing sign language interpreters should differentiate between sign language interpreting and spoken language interpreting. Agencies should make it part of standard operating procedures to provide sign language interpreters, who are registered with the NRCPD, for healthcare appointments.

      Get in touch

      For information about making your service fully accessible for people who are deaf or have hearing loss please contact our Louder than Words team on 0161 276 2300 (telephone) or 0161 276 2316 (textphone) or email