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      Our health in your hands

      We're campaigning so that deaf people can have better sign language interpreters when they use health services.

      Our Health in Your Hands is a campaign calling for fully qualified and trained interpreters for the deaf community. It's run by a group of leading organisations for deaf people, including Action on Hearing Loss.

      Through research carried out in 2012, the Our Health in Your Hands campaign found that people who are deaf are frequently put at risk by healthcare providers because the sign language interpreters they employ fall short of required communication standards.

      The long-term aim of the campaign is to make sure that interpreters are always provided, and that these interpreters are appropriately qualified and are registered with the National Registers of Communication Professionals working with Deaf and Deafblind People (NRCPD).

      Supporting British Sign Language users

      The campaign has produced materials to help British Sign Language (BSL) users to complain when they receive a poor service, and is currently trialing a series of workshops to support the deaf community.

      The workshops aim to:

      • inform deaf people about their rights to interpreters in healthcare settings
      • empower deaf people to demand fair treatment in healthcare settings
      • support deaf people to use our materials to complain about poor service and inform healthcare staff of their needs.

      We'll evaluate the impact of these workshops in improving access to interpreters locally, and consider models for making the workshops more widely available.

      See Our Health in Your Hands for full details of the campaign, and BSL clips explaining the resources.

      The campaign will also engage with local healthcare services, including local commissioners, health service managers and Healthwatch, so that they respond to the needs of local deaf communities.

      Tips to make your service accessible to BSL users

      Do you work in a hospital or GP surgery? Read our tips to make your service accessible to BSL users.