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      Mid Essex

      Find out how our campaign in Mid Essex has helped pause proposals to withdraw NHS hearing aids for everyone with hearing loss in the county.

      Our campaign in Mid Essex so far

      In the autumn of 2015, Mid Essex Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) announced proposals to withdraw the provision of NHS-funded hearing aids for adults with mild hearing loss. We responded quickly to this threat, reaching out to the CCG as well as mobilising local people to engage in the public consultation that was launched.

      The public consultation in Mid Essex took place between November 2015 and January 2016. It involved a series of public meetings and a survey which received over 1,200 responses, including many from our local members and supporters. We also submitted robust clinical evidence against the proposed restrictions to the CCG, as part of this consultation process.

      Following the consultation, the CCG decided to pause the process. A representative of Mid Essex CCG explicitly noted the strong public opinion and the willingness of professional bodies to work with local providers, when explaining the decision to do this.

      We're now working alongside the CCG and the audiology community to explore efficiency savings and identify better ways to support people with hearing loss.