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      Find out how our campaign helped stop the rationing of NHS hearing aids in Devon.

      Rationing of hearing aids

      In December 2014, Northern, Eastern and Western Devon Clinical Commissioning Group (NEW Devon CCG), announced that adults with hearing loss would only be provided with one hearing aid. This measure was announced alongside a range of restrictions covering other services and health conditions.

      How our campaign helped

      Action on Hearing Loss, other charities, hearing loss professionals and local people made clear their opposition to the restriction, and the CCG announced that it would consult on the proposal before any further action would be taken. The CCG was inundated by people expressing their concerns at the move, and local MPs and councillors also made their opposition clear. The CCG’s proposals also received national media coverage on BBC radio and in The Observer newspaper.

      In January 2015 the CCG sent us a statement saying that it ”…will not be implementing an Interim Commissioning Position to restrict the funding of hearing aids”.