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      Time to raise the standards

      Action on Hearing Loss Scotland is calling for NHS audiology services to do more to meet the individual needs of people with hearing loss, following the publication of our Time to raise the standards report.

      What is Time to raise the standards?

      Action on Hearing Loss Scotland’s Time to raise the standards report was published on 18 October 2016.

      The report shows that in our survey of NHS audiology patients in Scotland, 85% of 932 respondents said they don't have an Individual Management Plan (IMP).This is despite Scotland’s national quality standards for audiology requiring all patients to have an on-going plan to manage their hearing needs.

      Each patient's plan should take into account a patient’s level of hearing loss and their listening needs, as well as their communication, social and relevant personal circumstances to ensure that they can make informed decisions about how best to manage their hearing loss.

      Our report also highlighted that 51% of 949 respondents across Scotland said, when they had their hearing assessed by an audiologist, they weren't asked how their hearing loss was affecting their everyday life.

      What we're doing so audiology standards improve

      We're urging NHS audiology services to do more to meet the individual needs of people so that they're supported to make fully informed decisions about how they manage their hearing loss in everyday life.

      To drive the service improvements that are needed, we want each NHS audiology department to make sure that their performance against national audiology standards is independently monitored and patients informed of the outcomes every year.

      You can help by contacting your health board in support of our campaign.

      We're also calling on the Scottish government to reconvene its Audiology Services Advisory Group (ASAG) to provide strategic oversight of the quality standards for adult audiology services.

      We believe Health Improvement Scotland – the national healthcare improvement organisation for Scotland, could play a vital role in supporting audiology departments to ensure continuous quality improvement.

      Get involved

      If you would like to know more about how you can raise awareness of our campaign, email