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      #dontlosethemusic is our new campaign for the summer in partnership with the Public Health Agency to encourage concert-goers in Northern Ireland to look after their hearing.

      We’ll be at Belfast Vital, Belsonic and CHSq this summer giving away free earplugs and encouraging people to get involved in our social media campaign to raise awareness.

      What's the risk?

      rocket launch vs concert decibels

      Four million young people are estimated to be at risk of hearing damage from over amplified music and our research shows over 50% of people aged 18-24 have experienced tinnitus.

      You’re at risk of tinnitus and hearing loss when sound reaches 85 decibels (dB).

      Check out our quick guide to how loud common sounds are and what the safe exposure is.

      It’s easy to look after your hearing, but if you don’t protect it you could end up with permanent hearing loss or tinnitus. Matthew, a musician and producer aged 33, has had tinnitus for 10 years caused by loud music – read his story.

      Tinnitus has also affected several well-known celebrities such as Coldplay star Chris Martin and rapper Plan B.

      Nightclubs are 100db on average and live gigs are estimated to be 110db, nearly as loud as a jet engine! The louder the sound, the quicker the damage can occur.

       nightclub 100db

      What can I do?

      • always wear earplugs – earplugs take off on average 15-20dB which takes you under the 85dB level and makes for safer listening – they’re the only thing that can protect you
      • don’t stand near speakers
      • give your ears a break from loud music for at least 5 minutes every hour
      • stay hydrated – dehydration can make the hair cells in your inner ear more vulnerable to damage, as can alcohol
      • if it’s uncomfortably loud or painful, leave.
      "The truth is that just one loud moment can trigger something that won’t ever go away. If young people knew how distressing tinnitus can be, they’d protect their ears at all cost."
      Matthew, 33, musician and producer

      Get involved!


      We think our message is important enough to be shared and we want to raise awareness amongst as many young people as possible across Northern Ireland.

      Get involved in the campaign by sharing the hashtag on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Wear your earplugs with pride, or why not tag your favourite artists and encourage them to get involved too?

      Follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to stay up to date with the campaign.

      "You don’t have to stop your love of music in order to protect yourself. It’s a good idea to get good ear plugs in loud situations like gigs whether you’re playing or listening – the modern ones are quite comfortable and don’t ruin the listening experience as some people think."
      Gemma Twitchen, Senior Audiologist at Action on Hearing Loss


      Find out more

      Find out more about how loud music damages hearing, how the ear works and what you can do.

      If you’d like to get in touch, contact us on social media, email, call 028 9023 9619, or pop in to our offices in Belfast and Derry/Londonderry.