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When you tell your employer about hearing loss

If you’re having difficulties at work because of hearing loss, it’s not something you have to put up with. There’s a wide range of great products and communication support that can help – and there are simple things that your colleagues can do to make communication easier. What’s more, employers have a legal obligation to provide support and adjustments, to make sure you get the help you’re entitled to.

The first step to getting the right support is telling your employer about your hearing loss and the difficulties that you’re having. We’ve produced this information to help you understand your rights in the workplace and the different types of support available, so that you can talk to your employer with confidence – and know what to do if you don’t get the support you need.

We’ve also produced information for employers, so they understand their obligations to support their employees with hearing loss – and the benefits of doing so – and know where to go for support and information.  

BSL at work

I'm an employee with hearing loss

Practical tips on how to speak with your employer about your hearing loss and information about what you are entitled to at work
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What can I do if my employer responds badly to my hearing loss?

Find out what you can do if your employer doesn't support you or allow you access to your rights at work
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Access to Work Update

Guidance for Employers

Get information on how best to support your employees with hearing loss
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Speech-to-text reporter.

Resources and support to help you assist your employees

Information and advice on what equipment, support and training you can make available to fully support your employees with hearing loss
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