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Louder than Words

 Equality. My Louder than Words pledge is...

Louder than Words™ is a nationally recognised accreditation for organisations striving to offer excellent levels of service and accessibility for customers and employees who are deaf or have a hearing loss.

Do you want to make your business more accessible to the UK’s 11 million people who are deaf or have a hearing loss? Undertaking Louder than Words™ will help you to meet the needs of people with hearing loss, increase your service quality and customer loyalty, and help meet the requirements of the Equality Act (PDF 218kb, opens new window) and the public sector Equality Duty (PDF 221kb, opens new window) (or the Discrimination Act 1995 for Northern Ireland).

How we do it

To become recognised by Louder than Words™ you will need to participate in four simple steps:

1. First, we provide you with an experienced Access Consultant who will benchmark you against our quality standards to complete a gap analysis on four key areas:

a) People (i.e. staff and customers)

b) Processes

c) Technology

d) Environment.

2. After our visit, you implement the recommendations that we set out in our benchmark report and plan of action within an agreed timescale. We are available throughout to help advise on and support the necessary organisational change.

3. At the end of the agreed time, we will carry out an audit to see if you meet our standards. If you are successful, we award you the Louder than Words™ charter mark.

4. You can then display your certificate to indicate your commitment to improving access for people with hearing loss, and you will be registered on our website. We will also support your PR and marketing activity to publicise your award.

Our quality standards

The Louder than Words™ charter is made up of 10 quality standards. We use the following to determine the accessibility of your organisation for people who are deaf or have a hearing loss:

  1. Train staff to communicate with customers
  2. Clear and visible deaf-aware policies
  3. Provide clear information about your products and services
  4. Use appropriate equipment and maintain it correctly
  5. Create a good listening environment
  6. Produce and follow clear health and safety procedures
  7. Meet requests for communication support whenever requested
  8. Be comfortable and familiar with the Text Relay service
  9. Consult customers and staff with hearing loss
  10. Be open about your employment practices

Find out about our successes

Achieve the charter mark and join the Roll of Honour of organisations demonstrating their commitment to improving access to their business for people who are deaf or have a hearing loss.

Further information and contact

Louder than Words. Open up your business to 10 million people.

For more information, or to request a benchmark or audit, please contact our Access Solutions team.

Telephone: 0333 240 5658 (Calls welcome using Text Relay)

For further information, you can also download our Access Solutions brochure.

You can download a free PDF viewer(external link, opens new window) from the Adobe website.