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Personal loop systems

An induction loop system helps people with hearing loss hear more clearly by reducing the effect of background noise. Action on Hearing Loss install and maintain these commercially for cinemas, theatres, banks etc, but you can also get domestic loop systems which you can use in your home:

EchoSL Loop

EchoSL loop system.

The EchoSL Loop has a remote control which controls the volume, tone, mute function and power.

If you use your hearing aid’s T setting when using your telephone, then this product has an extra benefit.

  • 38m of cable
  • includes a remote control
  • SCART and phone leads.

LA 215 Loop Amplifier

Loop amplifier.

Ideal for listening to the tv, radio or hi-fi. It includes a microphone for sound pick-up and an audio connection to the TV.

  • 37m of cable
  • adjustable volume and tone control
  • SCART and phono-phone leads
  • switch to select which device you are listening to, stereo or TV.

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