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Hearing devices and hearing systems

There are many hearing devices and hearing systems that can assist you further to either enhance the quality of the sound for you or amplify specific sounds you want to hear like someone’s voice.

Room loops

room loop is normally a wire that goes around the room and plugs into the TV and an amplifier. The sound of the TV is then sent directly to your hearing aid (when your hearing aid is switched to the T setting).

L295 Mega Loop System

L295 Mega Loop SystemThis is a versatile and flexible system. The L295 Mega Loop System has two microphone sockets. One is used when the microphone or scart connection is fixed to a TV or hi-fi speaker and the other can help with environmental sounds like the phone or doorbell or for conversation.

  • 38m of loop cable
  • One microphone and scart lead
  • Volume and tone control
  • Headphone socket

“Product working really well for mum. We can now all watch TV together and answering the phone is very easy too. Thanks.”
Clive Hughes, Nottingham

Personal Listeners

Personal listeners are mobile phone sized products that amplify sound and transfer it to your ears via a variety of options: headphones and stethosets (if you don’t have a hearing aid), or ear hooks and neckloops (if you have a hearing aid with a T switch).

L393 Bellman Domino Classic

L393 Bellman Domino Classic The L393 Bellman Domino Classic uses digital state of the art sound processing to enhance speech while reducing distracting background noise. You can adjust the tone of people’s speech so that the sound suits your particular type of hearing loss.

You can hear sounds through the transmitter microphone and the receiver microphone and balance the sound between them. This is useful in situations where you want to clearly hear two people at once.

  • Volume and tone control
  • Omni-directional microphones in both the receiver and transmitter
  • Works on a frequency that can be used anywhere in the world
  • Coded transmission for better confidentiality
  • No handling noise due to a special internally suspended microphone
  • You can listen to the TV, or a conversation, or both of them at the same time
  • Built-in rechargeable battery with 8-12 hours use from 2.5 hours charge
  • Operating range up to 25m inside and 100m outside

“I find it most useful. When I had a slight problem the advisor my daughter spoke to soon identified the problem I had a new loop. So now it is fine again. I also have a Bellman visit system that I've had for 10 years and wouldn't be without it.”
Edna Bosley, Bury St Edmunds

Need advice?

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