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Caring for your hearing aid

Taking care of your hearing aid means it will work better, last longer and even save you the expense and trouble of repeated visits to an audiologist to get it repaired.

If you don’t keep your hearing aid maintained, you won’t be able to hear as clearly. If you think of it as part of your body and treat it with the same respect, then hopefully you’ll continue to benefit from your hearing aid for many years to come.

We sell a range of cheap, effective products that will enable you to:

  • clean your hearing aid
  • keep it clear of moisture
  • replace its tubing
  • change the batteries

These can be purchased online or through our catalogue, which you can download or order in hard copy. Hearing aid maintenance products are on pages 90-94.

Selecting the right product

For more information on how to select the most suitable hearing aid maintenance products, please contact our Customer Service Team on:

Telephone: 03330 144525
Textphone: 03330 144530