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Big button phones

Big button phones can be a great asset depending on your needs or if you are purchasing them for a loved one or relative. They are also sometimes known as ‘amplified phones’. Most big button phones are corded, however, you can get some cordless phones. If you can’t hold or press things easily a big button phone might be your answer. The larger dial buttons make them easier to use.

They have different levels of amplification and tone control adjustment which can be adjusted to your hearing loss. Many are hearing aid compatible. Some of them have additional features such as a flashing indicator light for incoming calls. Others have a wrist receiver pack which vibrates when you receive a call.

Recommended Big Button Phones


CL100 big button phone.The CL100 phone provides excellent value for money and great sound quality. The tone control allows you to change the tone of the caller’s voice to suit your particular hearing loss. It has:

  • individual volume and tone controls. 
  • three coloured programmable big buttons – ideal for emergency contacts.
  • twelve speed dial buttons.


BDP 400 big button phone.For dual sensory loss (both visually impaired and a hearing loss) the BDP400 is a great solution. It gives you:

  • high contrast screen and buttons.
  • vocalisation of names, numbers, menus and commands.

Mybelle 650 Picture Phone

Mybelle big button phone.Large picture images may help people with memory loss or dementia providing a great visual memory cue. The Mybelle 650 Picture Phone has:

  • nine large picture dial buttons.
  • flashing light for incoming calls.
  • tone and incoming call volume controls.

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