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Products and equipment

Products for people with hearing loss and tinnitus

Please install the Flash Plugin If you or someone you know is deaf or has a hearing loss you’ll be amazed by how many ingenious products there are available. There are hundreds of clever devices to help you maintain your independence and carry on doing all the things you love, including:

Some of the products help you get the most from your hearing aid, while others can provide assistance in situations where hearing aids are not so effective, such as listening in crowded areas, or at a distance. Of course there’s also lots of equipment for people who are profoundly deaf.

FREE equipment may be available

Your local social service department may provide some products free of charge so it’s worth checking with them to see what’s available. Some fire services offer free smoke alarms to people who are deaf or hard of hearing too.

Why buy from us?

Our position is unique. We are the only national charity with a full range of products for people who are deaf or hard of hearing, so we are an ideal source for clear, impartial advice. Buying from a charity like us also means that any surplus funds help support our wider work with people who are deaf or hard of hearing.

We thoroughly evaluate our products

Our products are thoroughly tested and evaluated by our Technology Department, so you can be confident that you are buying a quality product that works well.

28 day money-back guarantee

Everybody’s level of hearing is different, so products that may work wonderfully for some, may not work well for you. Also, there are many different types of hearing aids and they are all programmed to your specific level of hearing. So we understand that you may need to try different products before you find the ideal solution. The vast majority of our products can be returned within 28 days, as long as they are in ‘as new’ condition and returned with their original packaging. In addition, most products have a minimum warranty of one year, while some have two, three or even five year warranties.

Test before you buy

You can visit our offices, or those of a partner charity, to try selected products for yourself. Staff and volunteers are available to discuss what equipment is best for your particular needs, and to show you how it works before you order it. We also have a dedicated customer service team that will help if you experience any difficulties after your purchase - you don't get that on Amazon!

CL100 big button phone.

Big button phones

Big button phones can be a great asset depending on your needs or if you are purchasing them for a loved one or relative. They are also sometimes known as ‘amplified phones’.
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EchoSL loop system.

Personal loop systems

In addition to installing hearing loops for businesses, Action on Hearing Loss sell loop systems that can be used in your own home.
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A man using a Bellman Pager whilst gardening.

Bellman Visit 868 paging system

Find out why we feel the Bellman Visit 868 is the best alerting solution for people who are deaf or hard of hearing.
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A woman cleaning hearing aid tubing.

Caring for your hearing aid

Taking care of your hearing aid means it will work better, last longer and even save you the expense and trouble of repeated visits to an audiologist to get it repaired.
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L393 Bellman Domino Classic

Hearing devices and hearing systems

There are many hearing devices and hearing systems that can assist you further to either enhance the quality of the sound for you or amplify specific sounds you want to hear like someone’s voice.
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Phoneplus Amplifier

Phone amplifiers

If you like your existing phone but it isn’t loud enough you can get phone amplifiers. Your phone needs to be chorded as they connect the amplifier between the base unit and the handset.
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Sound oasis deluxe.

Tinnitus treatments

Tinnitus affects people of any age – from childhood, teens to adults. Whilst there are no cures for tinnitus, there are several different types of tinnitus treatments which can help.
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A man and a woman watching television.

TV listening

One of the first signs of hearing loss is that you find the TV hard to hear without turning up the volume so loud that your neighbours can hear what you’re watching. We have lots of products to help, but what’s the right solution for you?
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Information and resource room door looking into the room which is displaying products and leaflets

Information and Resource Rooms

Get information, advice and 'try before you buy' demonstrations of our products
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