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Policy, research and influencing


Please install the Flash Plugin We're very ambitious about shaping a better future for people with hearing loss and tinnitus.

We need strong evidence to back us up when we try to influence decision-makers to take hearing loss seriously.

In this section you can read all about what we are doing to bring about positive change – and some of the great successes we have achieved.

A man speaking with his audiologist after having his hearing checked.


We want to make sure that the government and other organisations improve services for people with hearing loss and take their needs into account.
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Two women reading a research report.


Social research is a vital part of our work. When we campaign, raise awareness or go to the media with stories about hearing loss and tinnitus we need your help.
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A lady asking a question at an Action on Hearing Loss event.

Parliamentary action and influencing

With your assistance, we can keep issues related to deafness and hearing loss high up the political agenda.
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