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Hearing aid support

A volunteer helps a man fit his hearing aids.

It takes time to adapt to using hearing aids – getting used to new sounds as well as managing the hearing aids themselves. Our Hear to Help services enable people to make the most of their hearing aids and manage their hearing loss effectively.

What support do we offer?

Our Hear to Help staff and volunteers can provide support with the following:

  • tubing, minor repairs, ear mould cleaning and battery replacement
  • training on maintenance of hearing aids
  • advice and support on making the most of the hearing aids
  • rehabilitation courses
  • information and signposting to other services
  • introduction to other useful equipment.

These services are provided in the community through a mix of home visits and drop-in services. All our services are delivered in partnership with and with the support of local hospital audiology departments.

What does the service cost?

All these services are provided free of charge. We rely on funding from health and social care organisations as well as donated income to cover the costs of each project. Our recent partnership with the Co-operative was very successful and will fund the establishment of twenty projects in total.

A volunteer helping an elderly lady with her NHS hearing aids at a Hear to Help hearing aid service.

Find a Hear to Help service in your area

Do you need help with your NHS hearing aids? Our Hear to Help volunteers provide free advice and support across the UK. Find a service near you.
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A volunteer checking a man's NHS hearing aid at a Hear to Help hearing aid support service in Kingston, South-West London.

Supporting health and social care organisations on hearing aids

We help hearing aid users, audiologists, NHS trusts, and health and social services teams by ensuring patients can use their hearing aids more effectively.
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