Making your surgery accessible

Making your surgery accessible

Did you know?

  • One in every six of your patients has a hearing loss
  • 55% of people over 60 have a hearing loss and 90% of patients over 81
  • more than one in every four patients with hearing loss have difficulty getting an appointment with their GP because of communication difficulties
  • more than one in every three patients who are deaf or have hearing loss are left unclear about their diagnosis after visiting their GP
  • being accessible to people who are deaf or hard of hearing is a legal requirement under The Equality Act 2010.

Becoming more accessible

We are here to ensure that you can get the advice, training and technical support you might need so that you can make your GP surgery more accessible to people who have a hearing loss. There are some key areas you will need to cover:

  1. Keep a note that the patient has a hearing loss on their record 
  2. Ensure patients who have a hearing loss are able to make an appointment
  3. Ensure GPs and staff have deaf awareness and basic communication skills
  4. Provide communication support – booking an interpreter
  5. Use equipment to help hearing aid wearers hear you.

Find out how the Hunter Family Practice in Craigavon, Northern Ireland became more accessible for people with hearing loss.

You can also read our research report Access All Areas? which looked at the experiences of people with hearing loss when contacting and visiting their GP.

Get in touch

To talk to someone about making your surgery more accessible, please get in touch with our information line team on 0808 808 0123.