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For healthcare professionals

Welcome to our section dedicated to healthcare professionals. These pages are aimed at anyone who works in the healthcare sector and may come into contact with people who are deaf or have a hearing los.

You will find useful information about the impact of undiagnosed hearing loss, how to give the best service possible to patients with hearing loss or tinnitus, and making your surgery accessible. We have also included information on the work we are doing with your patients.

A nurse talking to a patient with hearing loss

Patients with hearing loss

Our research has shown that people with hearing loss often need to be persuaded to speak to their GP. If their GP does not talk positively about getting hearing aids the opportunity to help is easily lost.
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Patients with tinnitus

People are often told that there is no cure for Tinnitus. However there are several coping strategies that can help reduce the effect tinnitus has on quality of life.
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Lady signing at hospital reception

Making your healthcare service more accessible

If you are a health professional or service provider, support your patients by offering communication support, loop systems, effective procedures and deaf awareness training for staff.
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Two people conversing in an accessible GP practice

Making your surgery accessible

We are here to ensure that you can get the advice, training and technical support you might need so that you can make your GP surgery more accessible to people who have a hearing loss.
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Check your hearing

Our work with your patients

We provide a hearing check and encourage people to take their results to their GP.
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an older lady wearing headphones and a hearing loop being pushed in a wheel chair by a nurse

Nursing Toolkit

In partnership with Heart of England NHS Trust Foundation, we've made a toolkit aimed at nursing staff to help with the care of patients with hearing loss.
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