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Getting help from the Jobcentre

People confronting deafness and hearing loss are less likely to be in employment than people without a disability or long-term condition. Deafness and hearing loss should not be a barrier to you getting the employment support you need.

We’ve developed this information to help you understand the level of service a Jobcentre should offer you and what you can do if it’s not yet fully accessible. We’ve also included information to help Jobcentres understand how they can deliver a better service to you and that can they can come to us for support and information.

A man and woman in a job interview at Hackney Job Centre, London.

Using a jobcentre

Get information on how a Jobcentre should be meeting your communication needs and what to do if this isn’t happening.
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A man with hearing loss communicates with reception staff.

For jobcentres

Get advice and guidance on how to ensure that you’re fully accessible to jobseekers who are deaf or have a hearing loss.
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