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Hearing aids

About our leaflets

You will find our leaflet 'Getting hearing aids' useful if you have a hearing loss and are about to get hearing aids for the first time. 'Life with hearing aids' tells you how to look after and get the most out of your hearing aids – whether you are new to them or have been wearing them for a while.

Our factsheets go into more detail about different types of hearing aids. 'Everything you need to know' about getting hearing aids covers going through the NHS and buying them privately. 

You can order our free factsheets and leaflets from our helpline.


Life with hearing aids leaflet  Getting hearing aids leaflet       


Bone conduction hearing aids(PDF 360kb, opens in new window) 

Everything you need to know about getting hearing aids(PDF 212kb, opens in new window)

You can download a free PDF viewer(external link, opens new window) from the Adobe website.

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